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working with us means

less guessing

finding the best path for your family, together


As you nurture your loved one, there are tons of decisions & paths to navigate.



a company of travelers on a journey


a comprehensive, active partnership between your family and your planner

We get involved, connecting you with specialists and working with them directly. We'll be in your corner for the long haul.



step 1: travel docs

We'll collect and review your financial documents to get organized.

Not sure what you'll need? Don't worry, we have a handy list and we'll walk you through it!

step 2:


We'll use RightCapital to get a bird's eye view of your current financial picture.

step 3:

adventure map

We'll meet to talk through your family's needs and goals, and work together to create a detailed + actionable plan.

step 4:

family passport

We believe that planning should be about more than numbers. We'll create a unique Family Passport to highlight what makes you special, and what kind of life you want to have together. These conversations will help you build a joyful, adventurous life.

along your journey

We're your first call.

Reviews, Check-ins. We’re here for the long haul.

step 5:

let's go!

Time to put your plan into action! We'll be directly involved at every step, coordinating with specialists whenever necessary and helping with all the big + small moves. 

our pricing

$1500 per quarter, ongoing

*on a limited budget?

Our Atlas service might be right for you!

Because we’re going on the exact same journey.

Because we’ve learned a few things along the way that can make a big difference.

Because supporting families in the special needs community is not an add-on; it’s all we do.

Because we’re really good at this :)

setup a (free) call to talk about your family's needs
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